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Baby nest baby cocoon set 4-piece plain bottle green

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Pattern: Solid color in bottle green color

Cocoon: 55 × 75 cm, inner dimensions: 35 × 59 cm (/- 1 cm)
Mattress: 60 × 32 cm (/- 1 cm)
Quilt: 50 × 70 cm (/- 1 cm)
Butterfly pillow to stabilize the head: 48 × 27 cm (/- 1 cm)

1. Baby nests for babies are made to provide a feeling of closeness and security. The cocoon makes the baby feel like it is in the mother's tummy, which makes it feel good. Then it is easier for the baby to get used to the "new" environment. The cocoon is easy to move, so the baby can sleep anywhere.
Baby nest is filled with silicone ball and has size regulation – there is a firm cord that is located in a tunnel.

2. The mattress makes it easier to keep the cocoon clean, because if the child “rains”, for example, you can wash the mattress yourself without having to throw the entire cocoon into the washing machine.

3. The quilt serves as a cover during a nap. High quality cotton, perfectly breathable, prevents the baby from sweating.

4. The butterfly pillow stabilizes the baby's wobbly head and the corresponding profiling prevents the head from deforming.

– Sleep comfortably and don’t worry about crushing your baby
– serves as a sun lounger and warm, comfortable baby nest in spring and summer
– The baby does not roll off the couch
– It makes it easier for children who have problems with watering to sleep on their stomachs
– Perfect for a trip and a short vacation.

This baby starter set can also be used as a lovely gift set for newborns!

Offer without decorative items!

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