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Wie gewöhne ich mein Baby an sein eigenes Bett?

How do I get my baby used to his own bed?

Parents usually have to be very patient to teach their child to sleep in a cot. Consistency is very important. The first attempt is worthwhile when the baby is about 12 months old. How do I get my baby used to his own bed? When should children start sleeping in their own bed?

A good time to sleep independently

It is difficult to determine the best moment when the baby wants to sleep alone. It all depends on the child and the parents. When should children start sleeping in their own bed? There is no specific answer to this question. Sometimes the turning point of the third and fourth month of life is a good time, when the waking hours become a little longer. Most often, this is the time when the child completes his first year, starts walking and is increasingly ready to discover the world around him on his own. The right moment is also important, when the child is healthy and in a good mood. This event should not be combined with other important events, such as going to kindergarten or changing a wheelchair. Many parents emphasize that co-sleeping with a child has many advantages and therefore delay the moment of putting the baby to bed. The argument for this is the comfort of the parents and the fact that co-sleeping deepens the bond between child and parents. This is of course true, but at some point the child must become independent.

Getting your baby used to his own bed – a few rules

Accustoming a child to sleep in a bed is a complex process. First of all, you need time and patience. For a start, it is worth providing him with comfort in his crib. A good idea is to let a baby get used to a cot. Such a crib is placed next to the parents' bed so that the baby feels close and can fall asleep peacefully. Over time, the cot can be converted into a single bed and placed a little further away. When putting a child to sleep, one should not forget about daily routines. It is worth putting the child's favorite cuddly toy in bed. Before going to bed, parents should give a kiss and the mother can sing a cradle. It is also very important to silence the baby before going to bed so that mother or father can massage the baby's back or read bedtime stories. Sleep comfort is extremely important, so parents need to check that the pillow is correctly arranged and there are no toys in the bed. The room temperature should also be appropriate, not too cold and not too hot. The parents' nervousness is transferred to the child, so mom or dad has to calm down when the baby falls asleep.

Learning to sleep in a newborn's bed

Due to the fact that there is no specific age at which the baby should sleep in a bed, many parents try to accustom the newborn to independent sleep from the first weeks of life. The already mentioned cot in size 90 x 40 cm is the perfect solution. Such a cot can be converted into a single bed and moved to the nursery after a couple of weeks. From when to put baby to sleep alone? Such a move is worthwhile when the newborn is about half a year old. The longer the child sleeps in his parents' bedroom at night, the more difficult it will be for him to accept that he will have to sleep all night without mom and dad. Whether the baby will sleep in the parents' bed or in his own crib is something every family should decide for themselves. Each case is different and sometimes the plans need to be reviewed. An example is a restless newborn or a mother who falls asleep while feeding and cannot put the baby in the cradle.

How to teach a child not to sleep with his parents?

Getting a child used to sleeping alone in a crib is quite difficult and time-consuming. Some children are more difficult and need more time to get used to changes. Others adapt to new conditions very quickly. Parents should approach this calmly and gently. Dynamic changes are not a good solution. Sometimes baby does not sleep in his own bed because it is too early. In this case, it is worth waiting a little. The changes should be made gradually. The first is to put a crib in the parents' bedroom. You can also put a baby bed in the child's room and sleep near the baby on a mattress for several nights. A good way is to hold the child's hand when he is in the bed and sing him a cradle. Being close to the parents is the most important thing and makes it easier to fall asleep. It is a good idea to let dad put the baby to sleep if mom has always done it before. Learning may take several days. However, if it takes up to weeks, this is a sign that parents probably have to wait a little longer because the baby is not ready for such a change.

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