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Welche Bettgröße für welches Alter?

Which bed size for which age?

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the child's room. The child's bed must be completely adapted to the child's needs and create a zone in which the child feels safe. What size baby bed should you choose for your age? When should you choose a junior bed and what bed for preschool children?

How to choose a comfortable and safe bed for a child?

The choice of bed is influenced by the age of the child. The mattress and decorative aspects are also important. The child's bed should fit into the decor of the room and its theme. When buying, consider the following:

  • Age and size of the child - the size of the frame and the frame should always correspond to the size and the mattress. A 90 x 40 cm bedside table is recommended for babies. A 60 x 120 cm baby bed with mattress and guard rail is ideal for children from 0 to 3 years. A 160 x 80 cm house bed is ideal for school children and for teenagers you can choose a 140 x 200 cm bed.
  • Toddler weight – a child weighing up to 30 kg will be comfortable on a mattress measuring 120 x 60 cm and 11 cm high. The same size, but 2-3 cm higher is recommended for children weighing 50-60 kg. A mattress for a cot with a height of 20 cm should be considered for children weighing over 60 kg.
  • Ergonomics - a functional cot has additional drawers and storage compartments and sometimes even a changing table. The best options are those that grow with the baby, so you can adjust the sleeping place and height to the baby's age. It is also worth choosing a bed with all the equipment, that is, a mattress, bedding and accessories.
  • Comfort – the mattress for the child should not be too hard. The best versions are made of flexible foam that adapts perfectly to the figure.
  • Safety precautions – Children's beds should be made of wood. Rungs should be placed at an appropriate distance. The bed for older children cannot be too high. The best models are those that guarantee the child free foot contact with the floor when sitting.
  • Material – the most durable and child-friendly beds are made of wood. It is a material that is extremely resistant to environmental influences and mechanical damage.

Which size children's bed should I choose?

No matter how big the child is, the bed must be practical and safe. What bed size is suitable for children?

Which baby bed for a newborn?

The baby bed should have vertical rungs and a lowered side so that the mother can get into the baby more easily at night. The mattress must be air-permeable, the best is a foam one covered with cotton fabric. The fewer things in the bed, the better. The ideal solution is a 100 x 50 cm side bed. In such a model, you can adjust the lying position as you like, so that the bed can serve as a side bed or a single bed.

Cot for a one-year-old child and two-year-old child

The model of the bed for children who begin the adventure of walking should be equipped with dismantled barriers that, when closed, protect the child from falling out and open under parental control so that the child can maintain the bond with mom and dad. A good choice is baby bed 60 × 120 cm with mattress. And from when big bed is worth considering? It all depends on how fast the baby grows.

Bed perfect for a preschool child

The bed for a 4 or 5 year old should be larger and the bed 160 x 80 cm is ideal. The child is testing different things during this period and has a lot of energy, so the bed must be safe and extremely stable. For preschool children, sturdy models made of wood are best. At this age, children pay attention to details. So it is worth choosing a bed with a decorative look or a bed in the shape of a house with a canopy.

What bed size for school children?

A first-grader learns independence, so the right model is a single bed for a child, the height of which guarantees trouble-free entry and exit. The bed should have a comfortable headboard, because it is no longer just a place to sleep, but also becomes a rest for reading and studying. The size of the bed for schoolchildren should take into account the height, weight and personal taste of the student. The bed for a teenager is characterized by functionality and simplicity. The less complicated the body and more mysterious shelves, the better.

Beds for teenagers

Growing children already want to decide for themselves what should be in their room. Depending on their interests, they decorate their territory. However, when choosing a bed, one should take into account not only the design, but above all the quality and practicality. The ideal youth bed size is 140 x 200 cm. Such a surface is suitable for boys and girls from 12 years.

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