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Wie lange sollte ein Baby im Beistellbett schlafen?

How long should a baby sleep in a cot?

Completing the furniture and accessories necessary for a baby is not an easy task. One of the most important purchases is a cot. First of all, we recommend the cot, which can be placed next to the parents' bed for the first few weeks, then separately in their room and then in the child's room. How long should you let your baby sleep in the cot? When should you move your baby from the cot to the crib ?

Sleeping in the same room is safer

Many parents worry about their child and want to be with him all the time. Of course, in the first months of life, it is best to put a baby bed in the parents' room and have the baby under control. It is also a very big relief for the mother, who has to get up several times a night to feed her baby. You do not have to sleep in the same bed with a baby. The best option is the co-sleeper. When buying, it is worth choosing a model in which parents can adjust the height of the floor. Such a crib can be moved a little further away after a few weeks and, if necessary, also placed in the child's room when the right time comes. Co-sleeper until when suitable for the baby? Certainly pediatricians recommend that the baby sleep with his parents at least until the age of 6 months. This does not mean that the co-sleeper is no longer suitable. On the contrary. From the 6th month, parents can begin to accustom the baby to sleeping alone. Due to the fact that such a model has wheels, it is possible to move the crib further and further until the baby does not see his parents and falls asleep peacefully on his own. After a few weeks, the bed can be moved to another room.

Until when is a cot suitable for a baby?

Co-sleepers are available in interesting patterns and variants, so parents like to choose them as the first bed for their child. Many models are height-adjustable up to 4 levels, which makes daily care much easier. In the first few weeks, the child's contact with its parents and especially with its mother is extremely important. The co-sleeper is placed next to the parents' bed so that mom can look after her baby at night. When the child no longer wakes up so often at night, the bed ladder can be unfolded and the entire bed pushed a little further away. How long should the baby sleep in the co-sleeper ? There is no clear answer. Every child develops differently and parents need to observe the baby closely. If parents want their child to become independent faster, the baby can be accustomed to sleeping in a separate room from the age of 12 months. However, if the toddler does not want to leave his parents so quickly, then it should not be rushed. The main thing is that the baby feels safe and can sleep peacefully.

Extra bed – a bed for babies and older children

How long do babies sleep in a cot? It all depends on the size of the bed that parents choose. If the first bed for a child is 90x40 cm, the child can sleep peacefully in it for up to 4 years. The cot 100x50 will be enough for an even longer time, and thanks to the pull-out rungs, the toddler can learn independently, so he can easily get in and out of bed on his own. When it comes to buying a bed, it is very important to choose a model that is made of wood. It is a universal and at the same time natural material. This way, parents can be calm that their child is safe. It is also good to bet on a fully equipped bed. Such a purchase is much more convenient for parents who have a lot of things to buy. The set includes not only a bed, but also a mattress, pillows, duvet along with bed linen. But that's not all. In addition, many sets also include a canopy and decorative bow, thanks to which the bed looks fantastic. For parents, the safety of their child is primarily important. The side bed is usually on wheels that should have a lock. The entire construction must be stable and the distance between the rungs must be so small that the child cannot stick his head between the rungs.

Newborns and toddlers need closeness

The baby comes into the world from the warm, safe belly of its mother. It was cramped, the blood and air rushed in the lungs, the parents' voice was muffled. After birth, it is completely different: empty, cool, spacious and quiet. Many children cry because they want that feeling of security to return. So it is no wonder that the baby wants to be close to its parents. When in contact with the body of mom or dad, the baby calms down, its pulse and breathing even out, the muscles relax, the child becomes quiet and falls asleep. It smells a familiar smell, hears the rhythm of breathing, warms itself from the body heat. It is therefore good to make sure that the first crib is not only sturdy, but also mobile and gives the baby a feeling of security. A good crib makes it easier for the mother to care for it and makes the first months and years much calmer.

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