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Was ist besser – Familienbett, Beistellbett oder doch separates Babybett?

What is better – a family bed, a side bed or a separate baby bed?

Parents want their newborn child to grow up happy, safe and always smiling. But not always the first weeks and years of raising a little man are easy. Parents have to make various decisions and constantly monitor in what conditions their baby feels best. The situation is similar with choosing a bed for a child. The choice is quite controversial and it is difficult to decide which option is the best - cot or baby bed , or maybe sleep with a child in one bed?

Good sleep influences the child’s development

In the first weeks and months, the baby wakes up very often. Over time, sleep is regulated and the baby sleeps longer, and then all night. A good sleep allows a newborn to grow healthy and feel better. It is the same with adults. If you do not get enough sleep, you walk poorly and have difficulty concentrating. In a child, insomnia is often manifested by crying. Therefore, it is very important to provide the baby with the best sleeping conditions. So, it is necessary to take care of a comfortable bed in which a little man will feel safe and comfortable. Parents can choose baby bed for parents' bed , family bed or separate bed. Each of these options has its own advantages and the choice should definitely be carefully thought out. It is also worth considering the living conditions and needs of the child. Some children are more independent from the very beginning, others do not let their parents down even in the first years.

Extra bed – is it worth choosing?

One of the interesting variants of the children's bed is the side bed. This is a bed in which parents can leave a ladder and lay directly on the bed. This option allows parents to constantly keep an eye on the child during sleep and also makes it easier to care for him. At any time, the side bed can be moved from the parents' bed and then the newborn will sleep separately. Models of different dimensions are available. The most popular are side beds 90x40 and 100x50. In such a bed, the child can sleep up to 6 years. When buying, parents should check whether the bed is height adjustable. In some models there are up to 4 levels, so you can easily adjust the height of the bed to the needs of the child. Side bed yes or no ? This decision depends primarily on the parents. However, this is a significant simplification and it is worth considering such a solution.

Baby bed as extra bed, extra bed and baby bed

Many parents associate the cot with a bed that can only be an addition to the bed for the parents. However, this is only one of its functions. By the way , a cot or a baby bed are the same thing. With one movement, you can raise the rungs and place the cot separately from the parents' bed. Of course, you should choose a model that has such an option. In addition, it is worth checking whether the construction of the bed is stable and the whole is made of robust materials. The best solution is wood, which is strong, safe for children, natural and retains its original appearance for many years. Such beds are usually light and therefore easy to transport. It is not a problem to take them on vacation.

Sleeping with a child in one bed

Many parents long for closeness and worry about the baby. Often young mothers do not want to let their child out of their sight and sleep in one bed. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as this situation does not last too long. What does this mean? It is worth accustoming the child to sleep separately from about the age of 6 months. This applies not only to children who sleep in the same bed with their parents, but also to newborns who sleep in a cot. There comes a moment when the child must begin to be independent. Of course, there is no specific time when this should come. Parents should carefully watch over the child. If the baby is calm, does not cause problems and falls asleep quickly, from the 6th month parents can put the baby in his bed or remove the cot from the bed.

Comfortable children's bed

Parents are faced with a dilemma whether to choose a cot or a separate crib. Do you need a cot? Maybe it is better to share a bed with parents? Each option has advantages. The main thing is that the child is safe and sleeps in conditions that are friendly to him. The hardness of the mattress is very important. Therefore, when choosing a family bed, you should check whether it is not too soft or too hard. Cots with accessories have the right thickness of the mattress, contain pillows and a duvet with covers that are safe for the baby's skin. Therefore, such an option is a great relief for many parents and allows them to provide the newborn with ideal sleeping conditions. Regardless of whether parents choose a cot or a baby bed , the main thing is to choose a bed that corresponds to the age, weight and needs of a little man.

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